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Road Broomer

Perfect Engineers is manufacturer, exporter of Road Broomers, which are mechanical and hydraulic in nature. These are integrated with nylon bristles which results in perfect cleaning of roads. Their design ensure easy driving and fast cleaning of all types of roads. The movement of these machines is done by attaching them to the rear of a tractor. These mechanical sweepers  are equipped with some standard items such as sweeping nylon bristles, pneumatic tyre, fabricated chassis, brush adjustment assembly and hydraulic motor. Our Road Broomers also have a front and back chamber, which allows modification in its kerb stature. The said chamber is water based.
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Hydraulic Bucket Broomer

Price: 150000 INR

Road Broomer (Sweeper) Which includes the following items. 2.25 Mtr. Sweeping Nylon Bristles. Pneumatic Tyres. Fabricated Chassis. Brush Adjustment Assembly. Hyd. Motor